Hi, my name is Anna. Let's speak Polish!

Anna Matecka

There are many reasons to learn Polish. Have you fallen in love with a Polish person? Do you have Polish roots?  Do you need to communicate in Polish for business? Or maybe you want to learn it just for fun or to challenge yourself?

Whatever your reasons are, I can help you reach your goal: speaking Polish.

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Online Lessons

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Why me?

Anna Matecka - why me?
  • I am a native Polish speaker with a MA in Polish Studies from the University of Slask in Katowice;
  • I have many years of experience in teaching at a Central London language school as well as a Polish Saturday school in East Finchley;
  • I use the latest technology to prepare engaging online lessons;
  • I work with carefully-chosen comprehensive textbooks;
  • I use games as icebreakers for beginners or for those moments when learners are low on energy;
  • I find interesting articles, books and films which give us lots to talk about;
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Check out what my students have to say about working with me:

Hi everyone one I am studying Polish, Anna is my tutor, my teacher, my coach. I started learning with Anna "in person" lessons, after the lockdown was placed I was forced to move to "online" lessons. I have to say Anna is amazing in both. Believe me she will understand your goals and will prepare individual classes to you based on your goals and your preferences. Anna makes learning as easy as it can be. She is very patient and devoted to teaching. I can assure you all that if you are really motivated to learn Polish you will not find a better tutor. Anna has mastered all the aspects of teaching. She uses many different techniques which will assist you in many different ways. The lessons are smooth in a point that you start thinking it is so easy that I cannot believe I am learning something, and you will just realize that you really learnt on the next lesson when Anna will ask you topics from your previous lesson and you will be able to remember... To be honest when we moved to lockdown I thought about stopping the classes and restart only when in person classes would be possible again. But I was so happy with the classes that I didn't want to stop. So I agreed to go to online classes and I can guarantee everyone it does worth, Anna is a great tutor in both "online" and "in person" lessons. But please don't take my word on this. If you are determined to learn Polish or if you would like to have a better idea of what learning Polish is, my advice is book yourself a lesson and you will understand what I am trying to say. Anna uses a very good method, nice material, she is very knowledgeable, friendly, very professional at all times.
Anna is 10 stars out of 5. If you are in doubt hope this feedback will help you, I am sure you will not regret.

Marcel Arantes